A firm boss and a loving mom, get to know our Working Wooman Myleen

A firm boss and a loving mom, get to know our Working Wooman Myleen
Managing a business in the middle of a pandemic isn't one of the smoothest roads to take, but this 48-year old business owner has managed to help her employees during these trying times. Let's get to know the firm boss and loving mom, Myleen Bumanglag.

What do you love most about your present profession and why?
First is earnings. Second is the the opportunity of gaining new knowledge in every day and be able to impart those knowledge to my staffs as well. All these make me happy.

How do you deal with challenges in your business?
First is I pray. I say and offer a lot of prayers to ask for guidance, strength, and wisdom in handling business challenges. Second is I face my problems and immediately act on them to find the right solutions. And third, I listen to other people’s advices which I think would be of great help for me.

What motivates you to excel in your business?
First is profit. Second is the opportunity to help the government in providing additional employment in our country. And third is the opportunity to provide work to my employees to help them have a continued source of income.

What is your advice to young #Woomen who have just started their careers?
First is prayer. Second is patience and guts. It is also important to improve your knowledge thru the help of media. And as a reminder, never hurt others for your own sake.

What do you like about Woo?
I like how Woo offers good quality clothing and yet manages to sell them in reasonable and affordable prices.

In these changing times, do you think getting dressed up when working from home is a good idea?
Yes, of course. You should not allow yourself from looking undesirable to others especially to your partner just because we are under this current situation. Getting dressed up well is a sign of respect for oneself and to others.

Given our current situation, do you think being fashionable is still of importance?
Yes. It is important that we continuously dress ourselves beautifully despite the current situation. I dress up fashionably not for other people but for my own satisfaction and self care. The way we dress ourselves reflects the way we love and respect our body. Through my own style and fashion, I hope to inspire others in my own little way.

What are your favorite pieces from Woo and why?
I love Woo’s tops and dresses collection. My current favorite is the jumpsuit I recently bought from them.