Meet our Brand Ambassador — Irish Bartolome

Meet our Brand Ambassador — Irish Bartolome

To show gratitude and appreciation at all times is one of Irish's mantras in life. This is what inspired her to create a YouTube channel wherein she promotes the spirit of gratitude and appreciation to her viewers. Her channel focuses on fashion, beauty, life and things that promote positivity. This 24 year old chic is not just a pretty face but she's also a hard-working #Wooman. She works full time aside from being a content creator and a freelance model. Just like most of us, she also loves to watch Korean dramas during her spare time aside from reading and watching vlogs. Irish is indeed the epitome of a #Wooman, we don't just love her style but we also love the fact that she inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. Get to know Irish through our quick chat with her.


How would you describe your style?                                                           

Classic! I like pieces that I could wear for a long period of time.

How does Woo fit or complement your personal fashion sense?                  

Woo offers a lot of timeless pieces that fit my style or that is fashion that never goes out of style. 

Why do you like wearing Woo?                                                                         

What you wear reflects your personality. I like wearing woo because it promotes women empowerment and I feel empowered and confident whenever I'm wearing Woo. 

What does wearing clothes from Woo feel like?                                           

Happy, classy and empowered. 

What piece of advice can you say to other women in owning their style and  being confident in themselves?

Just be yourself. Wear the outfits that you feel most comfortable in. To pull off that look, wear it with confidence. Keep slaying!                                        

 Make sure to follow Irish on Instagram @irishbartolome_  and subscribe to her YouTube channel Irish Bartolome 

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