How to dress like a modern #Wooman

How to dress like a modern #Wooman

Regardless if you’re off to work or on the way to a night out with friends, a Wooman knows how to dress up for the occasion! But like any woman, picking an outfit to go with the vibe could be a struggle. This is not as easy as choosing florals for Spring, am I right? It is important to wear your best outfit because as Miranda Priestly says it briefly, “Everybody wants to be us.”

But don’t worry. A Wooman helps a fellow Wooman out. As we go into the new year full of hope and good vibes, we’ve got a couple of ideas to spice up your wardrobe - one fashion piece at a time.

Little Black Dress

Quick question: When was the last time a little black dress was not in style? Right! There was never a time. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. This fashion staple constantly evolves itself as it crosses generations. From fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn to Taylor Swift, a little black dress is a piece of clothing that is versatile enough in adjusting to any scenario it is worn in.

Coming back stronger than a 90’s trend, longer-hemmed LBDs are this year’s style upgrade. Paired up with spaghetti straps and a high side slit, today’s LBDs make any wearer feel confident and sexy at the same time. Aside from that, the style update makes a dress easier to move around without compromising style.

As a Wooman, imagine yourself jumping from the office to a casual wine night. Surprise your peers in an effortless manner by adding a stylish blazer that goes on top of the little black dress. Accentuate the waist with a single-color belt and sinch that hourglass figure away.

The Janina Dress in Black

Puff Sleeves

When you think about puff sleeves, the first thing that comes to mind is the 80’s. This was the time where women started conquering the workspace where men thrived for many years. Puff sleeves often accentuate broader shoulders and a larger frame. But as the style continued, it became a long-lost trend coming back.

We’ve seen in the last 5 years that puff sleeves are now often seen as a preppy look staple. From dull and boring, it became bold Wooman. Partner it with a single-color beret and it instantly becomes an Instagram post waiting to be photographed. Puff sleeves could be big and by big, I mean, Emily in Paris kind of big. Haute couture has taken notes about puff sleeves and soon, fashion houses will make it to a point to insert a puff sleeve in every collection.

When they first arrived in the fashion scene, these sleeves are often structured and have a lot of shapes to offer. But now, these sleeves could be made in any material be it sheer or lace. Wearing a puff sleeve out on a date gives that freedom to explore new places while keeping your fashion style in mind. Most of the time, wearing puff sleeves feel like wearing a tee which is a go-to for its comfort. Pairing it with a bottom isn’t a task too since it pairs well with pants, shorts, and even skirts.


The Cara Top in Tea Green

Color Blocking

If you’re a risk-taker and a fashion-forward kind of gal, color blocking might suit best for you. As they’re often deemed loud, color blocking in clothes makes their wearer stand out from the crowd. Be careful though as they are a hit and miss due to their complexity. Instead of fearing color blocking, how about we explore it together? Shake off the mediocrity and welcome the 2.0 version of yourself.

Always remember that you can wear clothes in a monochromatic scheme. Take for example the base color Yellow. You can wear Sunshine Yellow along with Bright Orange. These colors are coming from the same family, but in different shades, blocking each other out. It would be best to wear darker shades to elongate your legs and give you a boost for a modelesque stature. Legs for days keep men at bay. Take it from style icon Taylor Swift when she wore an ensemble of a pink high slit, floor-length skirt paired with an orange tube in the 2016 Grammys. What do we say? Iconic!

Another way to do color blocking is to use solid colors and prints in one ensemble. In this approach, you get to identify which part of your body needs to be highlighted more. Your body, your rules. Pick out whichever makes you comfortable to flaunt or show. Using a printed scarf over single-color tops and bottoms makes the look even more exciting than it was before. Always remember that arranging the colors by how a rainbow is arranged will always make an impact compared to throwing colors in random places in an outfit.

The Charlotte Dress


People, in general, are afraid of prints. I mean, we fear what we don’t understand. But we say, “Go big or go home.” Wearing prints might be the easiest way to dress up for the occasion. The print will do all the talking for you. Whether it is a big print or a tiny one, a print will always leap out of a piece of clothing. Always remember to wear it, not the other way around.

Kickoff your print journey by starting small. Do not overwhelm yourself with wearing every printed piece that you can get your hands on. Honey, that is social suicide. It could start with a top, a scarf, or even a printed undershirt. What matters most is how it will peek through what you’re wearing. Printed textiles could be too loud. Starting small will gradually improve the way you wear your prints. When you’re comfortable enough, I bet animal prints would be nothing!

Take into consideration how a print’s scale is. There are bigger prints that could be seen from miles. There are also smaller more subtle prints that are not as loud but are still as powerful. Bigger prints tend to be bolder choices while small prints are for those starting on their print journey. To cap it all off, choosing neutral colors like blacks, blues, and nudes would make it easier for you to mix and match prints with other colors. The prints should stand out on their own and not be overshadowed by too much color.

The Olivia Dress

Wooman in Red

A Filipina Wooman is a morena who is proud of her complexion. Normalizing dark skin colors is a must. It’s 2021 and we should start loving our skin regardless of its color.

Having a morena mother taught me a lot of things. One of them is that Red is not suitable for morena skin. I remember my mother standing in front of a mirror while holding a red top against her chest. “Red doesn’t work for me,” she says. Ever since that day, I never saw her buy anything in that color. Dear Morena Woomen, let me say that Red is a color that suits you. 

Having darker-colored skin is like winning the lottery. Dark skin is an excellent base for any color to be laid on. Yes, that includes the hue Red. Let’s debunk the idea that the color red makes dark skin even darker. That is not true. In fact, dark skin with the right shade of Red is like a match made in heaven.

The Nathalie Dress

Now that we’ve discussed your options, it’s now time for you to pick what you feel is best for you. What matters the most is wearing what you’re comfortable with. Being a woman is defined by how much you love yourself and only you can determine that happiness. Express yourself with these style suggestions but also add a touch of your own style. You’re a Wooman and you got this.

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