A quick chat with Working Wooman Shanelle

A quick chat with Working Wooman Shanelle

Shanelle Napoles is a 25-year old Working Wooman in the Agricultural sector of the government. Amidst these trying times, this super woman juggles work and law school. We had a quick chat with her not only to learn more about her field, but also to recognize the different sacrifices a Working Wooman like her has done to be where she is and to go where she wants to be.

What do you love most about your present profession and why? 
I work in the Agriculture sector. For me, this is one of the under appreciated departments in the Philippines. In these modern times, people somehow overlook the importance of food security. Which is why I love working here, especially during the pandemic, because I help in assuring increased farm incomes, productivity and food production using safe and appropriate fertilizer and pesticide inputs.

How do you deal with challenges in your career
Most of my challenges come from time management and pressure because I'm also a student. I deal with it by making sure that I know my priorities well.

What motivates you to excel in your field?
My family. When I'm tired for the day, or during the mornings when I don't want to get up and work. I think of them, and I'm suddenly assured that all my hard work will be for our future.

Given our current situation, do you think getting dressed up when working from home is a good idea?
Yes, dressing up when working from home is helpful to separate our work time and resting time. These days, its difficult to put a borderline between working time and leisure/resting time because we do it all in the same place - our home. So when all dressed up, I'm reminded that I'm on working hours and I accomplish so much more.

Given our current situation, do you think being fashionable is still of importance?
Yes! Some of us considers styling ourselves as a stress-relieving activity. During this pandemic, our mental health should be one of our top priorities.

What do you like about Woo?
I like that their marketing strategy doesn't only focus on the products but on customer care. I'm sure that their clothing lines were carefully handpicked and well thought of.

What is your favorite piece from Woo? Why?
My first buy! The Janina Dress in Hunter Green. It suits my body well. Very good budol!

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