Meet Atty. Liavel, the passionately brave (and gorgeous) lawyer and mother

Meet Atty. Liavel, the passionately brave (and gorgeous) lawyer and mother

Atty. Liavel Badillo-Crisostomo is one of the Working Woomen who will definitely make your jaw drop not only because she's that gorgeous, but she's also that great. Get to know more about this 31-year old passionately brave lawyer and mother.

What do you love most about your present profession and why?
Working as a lawyer for a company situated in Rizal, Palawan and providing services for the tribal communities within the same shall always be my pride and joy. People think madali lang ang trabaho ko. Akala nila nag ta-travel and nakikipag-usap lang ako sa tao. But, no. I can tell you na that is further from the truth. Mahirap siya. Aside from being the General Counsel of the Company, I also assist the tribal communities. Corporate lawyer and community lawyer on a daily basis ang workload ko. Mahirap siya but it's totally worth it. Seeing our tribal brethren happy and knowing that you’ve actually made a difference - priceless. I’m extremely proud of what I do. This isn’t just a profession for me. This is my passion. This is my calling.

How do you deal with challenges in your career?
I pray and I work harder. Life is not easy. And with the challenges that come along with it, you have to be ready.

What motivates you to excel in your field/ business?
My family especially my son. Further, I want to see real change and positivity with all the people I come across with.

What is your advice to young #Woomen who have just started their career?
There are lots of things to be learned, if you listen and open your mind. Learn as much as you can from each job, as it will prepare you for better opportunities in the future. It may be a long, tough journey to get to where you want to be, but isn't that what makes life fun? Enjoy the adventure, and learn from it.

What do you like about Woo?
It brings out the best in me. I walk high and proud when I wear Woo. The best feeling of being elegant and beautiful at the same time!

Given our current situation, do you think getting dressed up when working from home is a good idea?
Yes. If you fee good on the outside, you will naturally feel good on the inside.

Given our current situation, do you think being stylish/fashionable is still of importance? 
Yes. My favorite is my green ruffle blouse. [Cara top]

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