Shop online now and pay later in installments

Shop online now and pay later in installments

Back in the day, when you say “shopping,” it is going to a mall to purchase something you need. It used to be a Sunday habit that was hard to break. However, with the advancement of technology, shopping has become easier. Online shopping wasn’t a new trend. But we, as consumers, embraced it as our own culture.

Especially now that we’re stuck in a global pandemic, online shopping still made it possible for us to buy the things we need and want without having to expose ourselves outdoors. As the future of online shopping brightens, online merchants have found ways to provide better deals to consumers.

Why Should You Shop Online?

It is less stressful, it saves you time, there are a lot of options to choose from, you can save up on deals and promos, the security it provides, and there are flexible payment terms for your convenience.

How Is Online Shopping Less Stressful?
Imagine peak shopping seasons like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, or even New Year’s Day. During these times, people flock to the malls to shop for gifts for their loved ones. It’s obvious that there will be long lines in cashiers that could mean tired and strained feet. Added to that, imagine the number of people you’ll bump shoulders with.

But through online shopping, lie on your bed or sit on your favorite chair while you shop for goods. Online shopping can be done everywhere. Traffic jam? Online shopping. Lunch break? Online shopping. Sad? Online shopping. The list goes on and on.

How Can Online Shopping Save You Time?
Shopping in malls could take a whole day to finish. Imagine the time saved from the time you started going to the mall right until the first time you shopped online? It takes a few taps and clicks to navigate a whole selection of items from a simple search. Online shopping does not require your time and energy to be at a store to get what you want. That’s the best thing about it. You would never have to skip a lunch break, go home late from work, or waste a rest day again.

What Are The Deals And Promos In Online Shopping?
An online shop is better than a physical shop because of the perks, best deals, and great promos you’d get from them. A lot of online shops offer free shipping and cash on delivery which their customers love. It does not only let them save money but also encourages them to spend more as they only pay for what they buy. Clothing shops like Woo have product returns for incorrect sizes. This deal is great as it sometimes happens that customers order the wrong sizes. If you want better deals for the price you’re willing to pay, then online shopping is the best option for you.

Is It Secure To Shop Online?
Shopping could be a personal thing. There are a lot of things we buy for ourselves that we don’t want others to know about. Through online shopping, purchases can happen wherever you are. There wouldn’t be security cameras tracking everything you buy unlike in physical stores. It gives a sense of security and comfort knowing that you are in control and free of whatever you’re buying.

What Are The Flexible Payment Terms For Online Shopping?
If physical stores have installment plans, online stores have that too. Installment services like TendoPay allow customers to purchase whatever they want online with the assurance that they have up to 24 months to pay for whatever they bought. This allows customers to still get what they want without them breaking the budget that they have for expenses.

Woo partners with TendoPay to give their Woomen flexible payment terms. TendoPay allows you to buy now and pay later so you won't have to break the bank. Woo is giving as Woomen, we should be able to get what makes us happy without worrying how much things are going to cost.
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