Rachel, the digital Working Wooman

Rachel, the digital Working Wooman

This digital native is dedicated to helping educate the Filipinos be more tech-savvy through her work. Get to know Working Wooman Rachel through our quick chat with her.

What do you love most about your present profession and why?
Working with the Business Transformation Office of one of the top telco company in the Philippines, I am grateful that I am given the opportunity to help transform Filipinos to become digital savvy through the programs, products, and services that our company is offering to the public. I believe that 'being digital' would give a lot of efficiencies and opportunities to each of our fellowmen and would provide competitive advantage to our country as well. Being able to contribute in my own little way to a better Philippines in the future is what I love the most in my present craft.

How do you deal with challenges in your career?
I am fortunate enough to have landed in a job where I am getting much fulfillment in just doing it, apart from that, I have a good working relationship with my leaders and colleagues. But of course, we cannot avoid some rainy days, and whenever I went through that, I step back and pray to God to give me a sound mind to understand more about what He is trying to communicate to me though such challenge, and provide me the courage and strength to get through it.

What motivates you to excel in your field?
I am hopeful that whatever work I am doing in my company will contribute to the advancement of a better Philippines and to our transformation to becoming a digital savvy Filipino, and thinking that future alone is what motivates me most to do the best that I can in what I do.

What is your advice to young Woomen who have just started their career?
Don't be afraid to try, nor be afraid to fail. We are all a 'work-in-progress,' regardless if we are just starting our career, in the middle of it or even if we are at the peak of it, and there's a lot to learn in trying and experiencing new things, as well as the endurance and muscle that we will develop in failing and rising up every time we fail.

What do you like about Woo?
As a feminist, I am grateful to the people behind Woo who represent all the empowered Woomen out there - all girls and women can be smart, be capable, be considered a leader and be our beautiful, chic self as well.

Given our current situation, do you think getting dressed up when working from home is a good idea?
Definitely yes, I believe that people should dress up primarily for themselves rather than for other people. I personally always try to be neat and clean even working from home so I can work well, and in addition, we still do video conferencing, so you would want to still be presentable.

Given our current situation, do you think being fashionable is still of importance?
Yes, we must still look out for ourselves, especially in these trying times. If your best self is a stylish, fashionable, beautiful one, then, there's no point in not being one, especially if it makes you happy.

What are your favorite pieces from Woo and why?
One of my favorites is the Lizzie top. It gives me a simple, comfortable and chic style which a can wear in several occasions.
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